Master D-Bates (The Dominant's View Ezine)

  • On Honesty
  • What's in it for the Dom?
  • It's a Wonderful Lifestyle
  • Being a Master Means Never Having to Say Your Sorry and Other Misnomers
  • Definitely NOT a Pain Slut
  • Alternative to Physical Punishment
  • Coming Out of the Closet
  • Business as Usual
  • Growing Pains
  • You're not a Dominant If...
  • Ask Master Nage: An Irreverent Advice Column

    Published in each issue of Xodtica Magazine, Ask Master Nage is the advice column that dares to go where no advice column has gone before. Questions aren't necessarily about BDSM. Master Nage will answer questions on anything, from ettiquette to computers, from BDSM to writing. And if your question is selected, you'll win a free issue of Xodtica magazine, so what are you waiting for. Send all questions to Ask Master Nage. Just put Ask Master Nage in the subject line.


    Love and D/s: A Duet

    Written with dana, this article was originally published in Just Erotic Romance Reviews. It remains one of my favorite articles to date.