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Welcome to the very first edition of Nagerotica. This is where you can find out all about me (that's Master Nage) and what I've been up to. What I've been up to most recently is celebrating.

A couple of weeks ago, my Extasy book Slave Heart won the Enda Award for the Best Erotic BDSM novel. The decision of the judges was unanimous, the only book in the contest that could claim that distinction. Winning was a great thrill, as you might imagine, but it also meant I would be eligible to win the BIG award, The Year's Best Erotic Read.

It was patently ridiculous. How could a BDSM novel win out over paranormals, contemporaries, historicals, and other popular genres? BDSM fiction is just a niche market, right? That's what I thought too. I was wrong. Slave Heart, somehow, took the prize for the Year's Best Erotic Read, and so I'm celebrating. Do you know how I am celebrating?

I'm redoing my entire website. That's right, all of it. The old Master Nage website is gone, and has been replaced, almost overnight by a brand new website, that's still being populated, but there you are. There's even a picture of me smiling on it, to counterpoint the severity of the pic on my old site. If you can believe it, some people were scared off by my intensity.

The webpage update has delayed my work on the Scorch sequel, but that will start in a week or so, once I finish writing Moonlight Sonata. This is a new story slated to be in an Extasy Anthology called Just Before Midnight, due out for Halloween . More on this as the time approaches.

I also hope to write Planet Ds, Tier Three – Cluster Three before I begin working on the Scorch sequel. Planet Ds is really heating up as the circle of people looking for Marissa Twelve closes in. Who will find her first and what will they do with her? Will she and Kenreth ever be united? Answers are coming, but the hot sex and fast action should keep you entertained meanwhile.

Want to chat with Master Nage? Look for a list of my upcoming chats at the bottom of this newsletter. My next chat is on Sunday, April 10. I'll be chatting all day at FAR Chatters (Fallen Angel Reviews Yahoo Chat Group). Come join me, if you find out in time.

I hope you all get a chance to check out the new webpage including the new books page. I've put a lot of work into it already and more work will be going into it in the days and weeks ahead.

Hope you're all having a great April.

Master Nage

Moonah, Tasmania

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