A Slave’s Pain

The hour late, the night is dark
She listens to the rain
It taps upon the new-laid roof
A tedious refrain

She tries to close her tear-stained eyes
Though sleep is but a dream
The pain and loss tears at her heart
Poignant, intense, extreme

The echo of His voice remains
His scent it lingers yet
The image of His bearded face
Is one she can’t forget

A day might pass, a month, a year
Her pain will never fade
She mourns the absense of His touch
She knows the price she’s paid

And still she knows it had to be
For she is not the one
She only hopes He’ll find His peace
Before His time is done

Another woman holds Him now
She knew He could not stay
Thank God her love was strong enough
To send Him on His way

Master's Melody

Am I not a musician playing
Tunes some can hear?
Do I not draw them forth
From most everywhere?

Are they not instruments
There for my pleasure?
Do they not offer
Their most sacred treasure?

I play her sweet body
At night we’re alone
The sounds she responds with
Are perfect in tone

I touch her and I strum her
So well do I play
To my tune she dances
Each moment, all day

She can not escape me
She can never let go
Nor does she want to
She’s part of the show

Am I not a muscian?
I say that it’s true
But all of that talent
Is because I have you