Moonlight Sonata

A short story for an upcoming Extasy Anthology, entitled Just before Midnight. Other authors in the antho (in no particular order) are: Amy O'Connor, Sarah Dickson and Sascha Illyvich. The anthology, if all goes well, should be released before Halloween.

Earth Scorched

The long-awaited sequel to my book Scorch. This time the action takes place on Earth. Frank Aston is a "guest" of the Emporer himself (read prisoner) with no hope of escape. Can Jackie, against all odds, thwart the massive defense forces and spring him. A truly twisted follow up to the original Scorch.

Planet D/s Tier Three-Cluster Three

The search for Marissa Twelve is heating up, though General k'Anja has a few very dangerous setbacks. Manitau also has his hands full, only this time it's not with enemies. Meet Jaynier, a bluey woman who knows what she wants, and she's willing to take risks to get it. Oh and let's not forget Calanda Star who has secrets locked inside her mind she doesn't even know herself.

Symphony in Black

The darkest erotica story of my career, I'm not sure I'm even going to finish it, as I fear too many readers will be offended. Mind you, it's not the sex that would be offensive, but I'm shelving this one for the time being. For a sneak peak, check out the unedited excerpt below.

Symphony in Black Unedited Excerpt

Each movement of her luscious slave body tempted and tormented him. Clad in a scant wisp of red silk, she was as wanton as she was submissive. She danced her passion, her desire, her need to be taken and he responded, as would any master. How could he not? She was temptation itself.

That she was beautiful could not be denied. Most men would shy away from such beauty. Her black hair reached the middle of her back, her dark eyes were pits waiting to swallow the unwary, and her body, glistening with perspiration from the dance, was sleek, sinuous, delectable.

He showed no inklings of his plans for her, nor of his desire. That would come later, once he’d broken her. Once he’d taught her her submission. When she knelt before him, she would know the reason she was born, the only reason she had ever existed. He would teach her as he had never taught another for it could be no other way.

They were not alone. There were others about, but he discounted them. This one was for him. The others would not, could not take what he wanted. The music grew louder, faster. She undulated, turned slowly, revealing every inch of herself to him and in the darkness he smiled. Soon the dance would be over and the game would begin.

He didn’t wait for it to end. It was part of his game. Her eyes followed him from the room, angry that he dared to walk away. He didn’t have to turn to see it. He could still picture her in his mind’s eye. He smirked. She would seek him out, because he had dared to leave. It was all she could do.

It was Wednesday night and the club was nearly empty. It was called the Pit, and few knew about it. Someone would say it was beneath the underground. However you described it, it was a place for sexual adventurers who wanted more than just a quick lay. It was a place you went to gamble your soul. Everything else paled in comparison. In shadows, liaisons between those who lived to give and those who dared to take were a common occurrence. He ignored them and moved to a chair in an unoccupied area. He watched the doorway she would come through, certain it wouldn’t be long.

A naked slave with a tray strapped to her back crawled past. He removed a glass and returned his attention to the door. She walked through a moment later, searching without appearing to do so. When she saw him, she walked over and sat on a plush chair opposite.

He didn’t say anything, but stared at her, openly appraising her assets. She made no effort to hide them.

“You didn’t wait for the end of the dance.”


“Didn’t you like it?”

“Does it matter?”


“It was acceptable.”

Her eyes flashed. “You’ve seen better?”
“On occasion.”

“You’re not tempted?”

“Should I be?”

“No. I don’t think you should. You couldn’t handle me anyway.”

She stood up and turned. He didn’t move a muscle. Didn’t say a word. She only made it three steps before turning back.

“You have no idea what you’ll be missing.”

“Who said I’ll be missing it?”

“You really are full of yourself.”

“Yes, I am.”

“You think you can take me.” A statement, rather than a question.

“I know I can.”

She laughed. “I am owned by no man.”


She studied him, licked her lips nervously.